Artificial Pitches, including 3g and 4g surfaces, have changed the landscape of both professional and amateur sport in the UK. They have allowed clubs and schools to hold fixtures, teach lessons and t rain on a surface which is not adversely affected by weather and is safe to use for a multitude of activities.

Artificial surfaces are made up of a synthetic carpet of differing pile length depending on the activity which is played on it. The carpet is then laid on top of an engineered base, sometimes incorporating a shock pad layer, and filled with different materials such as sand and rubber crumb. The surface itself can become too compact as a result of use or contaminated with organic and synthetic mate rial which is why renovation is important to maintain the quality and longevity of the pitch.

By helping to keep these surfaces in great condition, we believe we are contributing not only to professional sport, but to the general health of the communities that use them.