PK Turf offer an unrivalled renovation service to Hybrid pitches. We have developed a new system including a new range of machinery and equipment designed to clean out and refurbish Hybrid pitches in the most precise and efficient way. The main benefits of this system include much greater efficiency meaning a much quicker process with extra emphasis on surface hygiene.

This process is far more efficient than alternative Hybrid renovation processes in the current market place. All the material that is removed from the pitch is moved from the conveyor belt into a trailer and then dumped off site, giving an extremely clean process. We have also designed our own machinery to aid the process of cleaning out as much organic material as possible. The result is clean, organic free surface which is key to the successful performance and longevity of any Hybrid Pitch.

This system, along with our extensive expertise, give unsurpassed results that allow our customers to achieve optimum performance from their Hybrid pitch.