PK Turf offer an unrivalled renovation service to both Desso Grassmaster and SIS Grass pitches. Along with our machinery partners, Campey Turfcare and Imants, we have developed a new system including a new range of machinery and equipment designed to clean out and refurbish Hybrid pitches in the most precise and efficient way including new machinery exclusive to PK Turf.


The main benefits of this system include much greater efficiency meaning a much quicker process with extra emphasis on surface hygiene. We understand no pitch is the same and at PK Turf, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service for you and your Hybrid pitch.

SIS Grass and Desso Grassmaster are hybrid grass pitches. They’re 100% natural sports grass pitches that are injected with millions of 20 cm deep artificial turf fibres. These fibres help to reduce wear on the natural grasses and create a stable playing surface with the grassroots intertwining with the fibres below the surface.